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New Item!  DANK TANKS!!

Premium Liquid Cannabis CO2 Extracts!!

100% Top Shelf THC!                 100% Top Shelf THC!


We pride ourselves in providing an incredibly premium and sublimely gratifying flavor-rich experience for the patient who needs to medicate on the go. 

All Dank Tanks are pre filled in CE4 atomizer tanks for optimum discretion and ease of use.  Simply screw on a Dank Tank to most vaporizer pens or e cigarette batteries and begin medicating. 

Perfect for those looking for a convenient alternative to traditional medicating methods, each Dank Tank provides a highly customizable solution for pure enjoyment.  True to Dank Tanks leadership in cannabinoid oil innovation, their highly advanced bottling facilities are equipped with a state of the art stainless steel environment sterilized to safeguard your health, maximize shelf life and guarantee an unparalleled degree of freshness.

Each Dank Tank come pre filled with 2 grams of a premium cannabis blend lasting a mind blowing 150- 200 hits.  As an indica dominant hybrid all Tank Tanks are a blend of OG and Sour Diesel, two of the most popular and sought out strains in the USA

  • Sold Individually or at Wholesale Pricing!
  • All consumers must be a 420 Compliant Patient to purchase
  • $65 individually
  • Email for Wholesale pricing or email Me (Judy) at

We also have the Vaporizer Pen available for purchase too  $45 for the kit - includes battery, empty tank, usb charger and a nice zipper case!  
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Yay!  Have an AWESOME Labor Day Weekend!

My name is Judy and I am the founder of Hemplife Cooperative.  I started in the cannabis industry just 4 years ago as a medical assistant in a cannabis doctors office.

I am grateful for all the amazing people that have crossed my path, whether it was in my office, from local events or friendships I continued along the way.

I have come to be so compassionate in this industry because of my own witnessing accounts on how much this plant saves lives!  I cannot tell you the range and degree of suffering people that have turned to cannabis after having subjected their bodies to the toxifying pharma products AND have found better relief in their afflictions with cannabis!

I myself have been a consumer off and on since I was..well let's just say I have over 20 years experience (like most of us have) lol!   And it was after my mother passed at the age of 49 that I learned she had been looking to obtain some cannabis to aid her in her appetite and decreasing weight problems.  She passed away within 3 years of being afflicted with Hyperthyroidism.  She should still be alive today.  And if she had had the courage to ask her youngest daughter to get her some Weed, maybe she and I could be building this dream together.  She did not, and I will do this in memory of her.  

Betty Wagner  July 3, 1932 - March 12, 1982..muah  XoXo Cheers!!  I love you Mom!

I will be posting Educational, Spiritual, and consumer and cooperative information monthly that I know you will find useful, interesting, and empowering.  From new developments in medical cannabis uses, state guidelines and legalization issues to submitted recipes and new ways to benefit from cannabis.

I hope you all live well and find relief in healing with Cannabis!